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Gaming and tech firm DFNN partners with Silicon Valley tech company Nautilus for PH’s first green data center

Published July 07, 2022

On Friday, local gaming and tech firm DFNN Inc. (DFNN) announced partnership with Silicon Valley tech company Nautilus Data Technologies (Nautilus) to develop the first green data center the i Philippines, taking advantage of such a time when digital transformation is at its peak.

According to the signed memorandum of understanding between the two companies, each will be converging in their effort and resources in relation to their respective businesses as well as related products and services for the project that is set to be built in the Freeport Area in Bataan.

"This much awaited collaboration between DFNN and Nautilus could not have come at a more opportune time when digital transformation is at its peak having been triggered by the pandemic and its restrictions on consumer movement and preferences," said DFNN.

"Building the country's first green data center is critical component of a sustainable technology ecosystem that will ensure the speedy growth and evolution of the technology sector which will hold the backbone of the digital economy," it added. 

According to the DFNN, demand for data centers is projected to increase as Starlink is set to start operating in the third quarter, and to maintain a competitive edge, it is crucial to design a data center with green features, "Power, network, and cooling for additional tolerance to datacenter failures is an imperative if we want to be truly competitive in the current global business environment."

"Connecting the entire technology ecosystem is of great importance in creating value to both business and stakeholders. In this case, providing for a sustainable data center will ensure resiliency in the face of rapid growth and demand," DFNN Chief Operating Officer Ricardo Banaag further explained.

Nautilus is known for creating the world's most innovative water-cooled data center design, setting a new standard for energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and global scalability.

"Data centers cooled by Nautilus offer unprecedented advantages, including energy savings, water conservation, environmental sustainability and rapid global scalability," DFNN said.

Globe Telecom, PLDT Inc., Converge ICT Solutions Inc., and other tech companies with operations in the Philippines have been investing in data centers in anticipation of the increased demand in the new normal.