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HR Asia unveils recipients of the Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards in the Philippines for 2021

By AJ Chua
Published November 25, 2021

HR Asia, a bi-monthly magazine and a division of the Business Media International, has named 23 Philippine companies included in its Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards. So, if you are a fresh graduate looking to start your career in the right company or a professional wanting a change in scenery, then it's best to check out the top companies that made it to this year's list.

The prestigious and sought-after HR awards is an annual event that recognizes companies based on their HR best practices, work culture, and how they treat their employees. Therefore, aside from the companies' resilience and perseverance to drive productivity and steer the economy back on track amid uncertainty, the program also paid great attention to the companies' sound initiatives that show that they care for their employees.

According to HR Asia, here are the 23 best companies to work for in the Philippines in no particular order.

  • Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc (a first-time recipient)
  • American Express International Inc. (a first-time recipient)
  • B&M Global Services Manila Inc. (a first-time recipient)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (a first-time recipient)
  • Cloudstaff Philippines Inc. (a first-time recipient)
  • Collins Aerospace (a first-time recipient)
  • Everise Philippines (a third-time recipient)
  • Global Business Power (a third-time recipient)
  • Globe Telecom Inc. (a second-time recipient)
  • Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. (a first-time recipient)
  • Lazada E-Services Philippines, Inc. (a second-time recipient)
  • Maersk Philippines (a second-time recipient)
  • Microsoft Philippines Inc. (a second-time recipient)
  • Mondelez Philippines, Inc. (a second-time recipient)
  • Monocrete Construction Philippines Incorporated (a fourth-time recipient)
  • PSG Global Solutions Inc. (a first-time recipient)
  • Puregold Price Club, Inc. (a fourth-time recipient)
  • Smartsourcing (a first-time recipient)
  • Splash Corporation (a first-time recipient)
  • Startek Philippines, Inc. (a second-time recipient)
  • TDCX PH Inc. (a third-time recipient)
  • Unilever Philippines (a fourth-time recipient)
  • Vena Energy Philippines (a first-time recipient)

HR Asia also announced the recipients of its WeCare™ certification 2021, which is given to employers who have created the best workplace culture that works and showed empathy and care for their employees' health and well-being. The companies that received the recognition are as follows:

  • Global Business Power
  • Lazada E-Services Philippines, Inc. 
  • Maersk Philippines
  • Puregold Price Club, Inc.

The HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards follow a nomination and application system. Entry to the program entitles the nominee company to a holistic and informative assessment of the applicant's HR practices and employees and promises winners a powerful branding tool. Currently, the awards ceremony is held annually in Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

For more information on the list and the application process, you may visit the awards recognition program here.