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LinkedIn unveils the Top 10 Startups in the Philippines worth paying attention to

By ICON Executive Asia
Published September 29, 2022

Starting and growing a company has always been tough, especially with the widespread inflation and economic uncertainty today, but as worded by LinkedIn, "innovative ideas are born in times of uncertainty" and the success and growth of numerous young companies and startups the past few years are nothing short of proof, and it did not go unnoticed.

LinkedIn has released its first annual LinkedIn Top Startups list featuring the emerging companies in Southeast Asia, 10 of which are Philippines startups "rising to the challenges of the moment and continuing to innovate and gain attention in 2022."

The professional network platform analyzed data across four key pillars to come up with its inaugural Top Startups in the Philippines List: employee growth, jobseeker interest, the engagement within the company and its employees, and how well these startups pulled talent from its flagship LinkedIn Top Companies list.

According to LinkedIn, the list is meant to serve as a resource for job seekers looking for opportunities to innovate, solve big problems, and grow their skills.

Without further ado, here are LinkedIn's Top 10 Startups in the Philippines for the year 2022!

  1. Tier One Entertainment (Entertainment Providers) | Year founded: 2017

Tier One Entertainment is a Southeast Asian is a gaming entertainment talent agency that operates at the intersection of media properties, esports, and creators. It manages over 1,000 talents, including influencers, idol groups, and esports players.

  1. SariSuki (Wholesale F&B) | Year founded: 2021

SariSuki, a social commerce startup founded at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic that facilitates community group buying, provides affordable, high-quality products via efficient sourcing while providing livelihood to its community leaders.

  1. Shoppertainment LIVE (Broadcast Media Production and Distribution) | Year founded: 2019

Shoppertainment Live is a livestream shopping network that helps brands sell their products in an online shopping format in real-time. It also features Shoppertainment Academy which serves as a professional development opportunity for its employees

  1. Kumu (Entertainment Providers) | Year founded: 2018

Kumu is a live streaming app fostering a community through live streamed shows, brand partnerships, and online contests.

  1. Edamama (Internet) | Year founded: 2020

edamama is a parenting-focused e-commerce platform that offers a personalized shopping experience through content, community, and commerce-driven strategies that simplify decision-making for parents. The startup helps bridge the trust gap in the Philippine retail landscape for safe, authentic, affordable parenting products and services.

  1. Growsari (IT Services and IT Consulting) | Year founded: 2016

GrowSari is a tech-enabled B2B platform that services and supports small- to medium-sized retailers in the Philippines, including sari-sari stores, roadside and market shops like carinderias, and pharmacies. It aims to help these retailers digitize their operations to enable them to manage their stocks, offer bills payment services, and become online shopping hubs.

  1. Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (Financial Services) | Year founded: 2018

Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX) is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides customers with a fair access to global cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, and provides a platform to trade said digital assets using Philippine Peso at globally competitive prices in real-time.

  1. (E-learning Providers) | Year founded: 2015, the largest EdTech startup in the Philippines, is an online platform that aims to help students get quality and relevant education through online tutoring, upskilling, and providing college and career advice. Its website contains a wealth of information where students can get to know themselves better, learn what academic and career options they have, and more.

  1. Peddlr (Technology, Information, and Internet) | Year founded: 2021

Peddlr provides micro and small enterprises with business management tools. It aims to reshape the way Filipino merchants manage their businesses by replacing the traditional pen-and-paper or manual sales recording, credit management, and inventory management with digital mobile tools.

  1. Prosperna (Software Development) | Year founded: 2020

Prosperna offers solutions that simplify e-commerce for micro, small, and medium enterprises in the Philippines. Business owners can create websites, sell on social media, accept payments, ship their products, and take advantage of Prosperna’s digital marketing expertise.