Creating a Click-Worthy LinkedIn Profile

By Alyanna Silvestre
Published July 19, 2021

The previous year pushed many companies to switch to remote work overnight. With the fast-paced digital transformation around the world, talent acquisition and HR professionals had to find ways to attract and hire the right talent remotely, and most of them took advantage of LinkedIn to build a robust digital recruitment strategy.

As LinkedIn became the go-to network for all professionals globally, it reported a consistent increase in engagement and the number of users in recent quarters since the pandemic. In the first quarter of 2021, LinkedIn saw a record of 756 million professionals, nine million of whom are from the Philippines, looking to connect, learn, create content, and find jobs. The professional social network also has over 57 million listed companies, with more than 15 million open job listings.

The question is, with such huge figures and many competitors finding their next opportunity just like you, how would you utilize LinkedIn to get the attention of recruiters who can help you forge your career path? Read on to learn how to optimize your profile to get recruiters to check you out and engage with you.

Take LinkedIn seriously

The first thing that you can easily do to make yourself click-worthy on LinkedIn is to spruce up your profile. You can start creating a solid first impression with a professional yet friendly profile picture paired with a profile background or banner that represents who you are.

The next important thing to do is to fill out your profile thoroughly. Your profile must have a descriptive headline and a brief and well-thought profile summary that lets you effectively sell yourself and your big ideas.

Finally, don’t forget to update the 'Experience' section of your LinkedIn profile and maximize it by describing each of your previous roles in detail using a range of specific action words that also show concrete skills, such as "lead," "managed," "improved," and "saved."

You may have an idea of what to write by now, but don’t get too excited as you might overdo it. Just keep it precise, concise, and in an easy-to-read format like short paragraphs, lists, and bullet points.

Use Keyword Rich Job Titles and Descriptions

Having a complete LinkedIn profile is not enough if you won't show up in search results when recruiters look for suitable job candidates. With this in mind, don't forget to use to your advantage some LinkedIn SEO keywords that your prospects might be searching for when creating your profile summary and listing your previous job roles, functions, or job-specific skills and competencies.

You may also apply this bit to the content you are posting. But be wary of keyword stuffing in your profile. Only include keywords where it is relevant.

Show them that you’re open to opportunities

Let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know you’re open to new job opportunities with the professional networking site's #OpenToWork feature, launched just last year. This feature, which uses a simple LinkedIn profile photo frame, gives job seekers like you the option to share your career preferences privately with recruiters or to the entire LinkedIn community. It's wise to take advantage of this simple yet useful feature as LinkedIn reported that it increases your likelihood of hearing from a recruiter.

Grow your connections

LinkedIn's reason for existence is to help you create a professional network that consists of professionals of the same industry or people who share your interests. Making good use of this purpose to your advantage can open doors to new opportunities and even help you stand out to recruiters whose eyes are always peeled for a strong candidate as it exponentially increases your exposure and access to the broader LinkedIn community.

However, it's worth noting that successfully growing your connections does not end with the 'connect' button. Once you make connections, it's imperative to show your gratitude and maintain relationships to create a strong, long-term LinkedIn network.

And that's about it. We sincerely hope that following these three tips will increase your chances of getting the attention of recruiters, headhunters, and potential employers.

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