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Power Plant Mall and Aimazing Launches the Philippines’ First Digital Christmas Raffle

By Icon Executive Asia
Published December 02, 2021

Aimazing, the preferred retail data platform for mall management, has announced that it had been selected by Rockwell’s Power Plant Mall in Manila, Philippines, to launch a first-of-its-kind mall raffle campaign that offers customers opportunities to earn rewards in real-time for their purchases at stores across the entire mall.

Power Plant Mall will be the first to use a digitized Christmas lucky draw and rewards program in the most seamless and user-friendly way for both participants and mall management teams. Customers will need to leverage their mobile devices and input the alphanumeric code found on their receipt on Rockwell’s loyalty app while shopping on the go.

Shoppers simply need to spend between Php 1,000 to 3,000 at selected Rockwell locations and stores from Nov 5, 2021 until Jan 31, 2022 and enter their Christmas Raffle code on Rockwell’s loyalty app to stand a chance to win a Land Rover Defender worth more than Php 6.5 million.

In the past, raffle campaigns required tedious manual steps by both customers and backend mall staff, from uploading receipt data to log participants to checking and verifying entries. This would result in long queues and unnecessary wait time. Aimazing’s partnership with Rockwell allows the mall teams to automate the entire collection process and focus on better user experiences for consumer campaigns while providing tenants with the highest efficiency and data visibility.

“For the first time in Philippine history, all customers in the mall can experience the gift of Christmas and participate in the raffle - which means less time spent in queues, no physical forms to fill, no days of waiting, and more time spent shopping and dining. Already we can see that participation rate is high, and Power Plant Mall can receive live insights of numbers of draws given out and lucky draw participants in real-time. Moving forward, we can power any sort of promos and many more exciting digital experiences in the mall with our technology and mall pioneers like Power Plant Mall,” said Jun Ting, Chief Executive Officer of Aimazing.

Aimazing is at the forefront of being the only data solutions provider that does not require integration into tenants’ POS systems, making it easy for Rockwell malls’ team to move fast and implement a solution to roll out campaigns in the most effective manner. The retail tech platform had successfully digitized the entire Power Plant Mall within one month, a feat that has never been accomplished before by other solutions providers - further proving the capabilities of Aimazing’s “plug-and-play” solution, which has been a game-changer for the retail market. For the first time, a mall in the Philippines can see real-time sales numbers in their mall, just like an e-commerce marketplace. This paves the way for the business to make data-driven decisions in terms of marketing and promotions with greater accuracy, thus rejuvenating the mall as a retail ecosystem with its many tenants benefiting. These first-of-a-kind digital campaigns for the holidays, namely the Rockwell Christmas Raffle & Rewards Program, are just the beginning of things to come.

“We wanted to give the chance to win exciting Christmas rewards, including a Land Rover, into the hands of every qualifying customer, and remove any barriers to participate in our annual raffle - and through this campaign, we proved that we can truly put the customer’s needs and experience first,” says Tracey Castillo, Vice President for Marketing, Rockwell Land Corporation. “Our partnership with Aimazing comes in at a great time of reopening after the worst of the pandemic dropped foot traffic significantly, and we are delighted to be able to do our part to bolster consumer sentiment and welcome our community back in a festive way this season.”  

The Rockwell team is also looking to roll out these digital campaigns with Aimazing in their different properties outside the metro in the next few months.

“We’re proud to bring unique retail experiences into the Philippines, and this will be the first of many campaigns and projects with Rockwell and in the country, enabling greater customer delight and marketing effectiveness for the businesses,” says Chris Fong, CEO of M2Cash, the Philippines Country Partner of Aimazing.

As real-time and data-driven campaigns become more prevalent, Aimazing’s goal is to enable the malls and retailers of the future to understand, optimize and grow their business with automation and advanced data analytics.

Aimazing is the retail analytics platform of choice for mall management to make data-driven decisions with complete transactional data visibility. Their proprietary technology allows mall managements to seamlessly and accurately capture all transactional data in their mall without expensive integration. At the same time, their data platform provides performance and benchmarking reports, as well as the ability to customize complex recommendation engines for multiple use cases.

Founded in 2015, Aimazing is headquartered in Singapore with operations in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan.