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5 Ways on How to Better Visualize Your Plans

By Ana Maria “Penny” S. Bongato, ICF-ACC, FPM
Published March 25, 2022

Things never happen the same way twice, so we must make the most of every opportunity that comes knocking at our doorstep. But how can one get an opportunity?

I think an opportunity is created rather than by mere meeting a chance. To dream is to welcome an opportunity, and to act on it is the creation of its reality. I have always believed, and I always teach my students, the value of feeding both mind and soul of what we always wanted to be and what we visualize ourselves to become. It truly is important that we build a solid foundation in our heads for us to divert our focus on producing ideas that can eventually attract the opportunities we always wanted to have.

The art of visualization needs support, and the support that it needs can be drawn from our own simple everyday actions. I have mentioned before that the key is FEELING it, feeling your dream. But that’s just one. Let me share the other five supporting keys on how to handle it better and better execute your vision.

Draw your Future

Get a piece of paper, scrap or new. Close your eyes and talk to yourself. Ask yourself a million times about what you want if needed. Now, get that pen and just scribble away all the things you just realized you wanted to do. Now, search your feelings how happy you would be if all those scribbles turned into reality just as you wanted.

I have watched this video of Patti Dobrowolski from TedXRainer. According to Patti and, of course, what I believe and practice, a picture can create movement and pull it in your heart and fill you with a deep desire to do something. We remember something better when it is attached to a picture. True enough! While scanning the albums of my children’s 1st birthday celebrations, everything feels so alive; everything comes back fresh on my memory. What more if you apply it to your dreams? Simple. The illustration you have will remind you every single day of the things you wanted to have, of the things you wanted to be, and of the things you wanted to achieve. That feeling will ignite your spirit every time you fall. After all, You need an instant motivation bank.

Talk with Confidence 

This time, talk with conviction. Talk with full integrity. Talk with honesty. Talk sincerely. Everything your lips utter can make a big difference. It affects your way of thinking. It affects people around you, how they interact and how they perceive your personality. Thus, it draws more positive energy, it draws more like-minded people. Read more and practice. Knowledge is key to talking with confidence, and wisdom earned from that consistent routine helps you better visualize your dream and eventually draw you to the right opportunities. To better accompany you with how to talk with confidence, read this article entitled Speaking with Confidence in Work and in Life.

Believe in What You Are

Fill your imagination with all the essential emotions you need to have that positive outlook every single day. Make way for happy thoughts and feed your soul with encouraging, affirming words. Only through this will you be able to focus on your dream. This will make things easy for you to appreciate every piece of your very own self. By this trick of avoiding all the pessimistic side of you, you will be able to let go of the fear, you will be able to finally stand strong and believe in yourself that you can do it. You can do it. You can do it. To help you better be filled with positive ideas and maintain a happier you, watch this TedxTalks by Jacqueline Way, How to be Happy Every Day. It’s worth every minute.

Face the Mirror

Now, it’s time to talk to the most important persona of this process, you. Be alone and face the mirror and appreciate everything you are at the moment. It’s about time to affirm and claim that you are worthy of every dream you have and you are worthy of having it in the end. You are one magnificent piece of the Higher Power, and you also deserve to give back to all the blessings you have received. Think of it this way and everything will go on its natural course:

  • Act as if you have a great idea resting in your mind.
  • Act as if you can finish that business plan.
  • Act as if you can produce the perfect pitch.
  • Act as if you can speak in front of a crowd.
  • Act as if your boss approved your presentation.
  • Act as if everything went well.
  • Act as if you can win at anything.

By doing this every waking day of your Life, truly, you will be able to welcome every sunshine with a big grateful heart.

Share Your Positives

After you have enriched your soul, you are now ready to share that beauty with the world. Just by living by all you have engraved in your mind, you can already radiate and can make a ripple effect on your circle of peers. Find more ways of inspiring more people by writing on a public platform of your experiences and being ready to answer questions. Give back, pay it forward. To learn more of the benefits of talking to someone either in terms of sharing your goals or just venting out, continue reading this article from the Jack Canfield himself, The Power of Sharing Your Goals with Others.

So, are we looking beyond, or are we looking from within? We all need to examine the inside -- from the roots of all our actions. Our mind can do wonders and, thus, our small actions. Every crossroad, every problem, and every stagnant point in our lives will always draw us back in solving what we have not envisioned to happen.

If you are among the dreaming Filipinos who are now eager to take action or just simply trying to find that spark, this I tell you, YOU are not alone.