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Employee Appreciation Ideas That Are neither Expensive nor Complicated

By Alyanna Silvestre
Published November 09, 2021

It takes a team to get a business off the ground and keep it running, so it is crucial to show appreciation to your employees who work tirelessly in the background.

Employers must show their employees that the company values them because doing so can help establish an engaged workforce. It can also improve employee morale, productivity, loyalty, and retention. However, I understand that not every business leader has even the slightest idea of how they can show their appreciation to their employees other than a simple pat on the back. With that, we’ve gathered here simple yet often overlooked ways for you to accomplish this task.

Provide good food

    Sometimes, the quickest way to an employee’s heart is through their stomach. So go ahead and take them out of the office for some coffee or a quick lunch, or buy enough food for everyone at the office. Doing so will not only fill their stomachs but also bring your employees closer to you — boosting your employee-employer relationship — and give them the feeling of being appreciated.

    Give them the credit they deserve

      Give your employees a shoutout for a job well done. Let them know that you are aware of their efforts, late-night hustle, contributions that pushed the team to get past this month’s sales goal, or initiatives and innovative ideas that led to commendable achievements. Whatever it is, always remember to give credit where credit is due, and you can do this through email blasts, announcements at company meetings where you not only mention them but tell their story of accomplishment, social media posts through the company page, and other company-wide correspondence.

      Celebrate them

      While most companies don't have formal policies on workplace birthday recognition, celebrating birthdays never gets old. Celebrating your employee’s special day offers them a brief break from their daily work. It shows them that the company indeed values them, which increases their emotional commitment to the company and its goals. A cake may do the trick, but you can also show your gratitude with a free PTO day or a thoughtful gift.

      Adapt a gamification system

        Perhaps one of the most creative ways to show your appreciation is by gamifying it. Next time, have your team members choose projects to work on and watch them put their hearts into it. Then, for each task completed, give out points associated with the value of their completed tasks, which they can use to redeem corporate rewards ranging from vacation days, work-from-home days, free meals, and other perks! It’s a way for you to reward your hard-working employees with the prize they desire.

        Pay them attention

          Another way to show your employees that they are valued for who they are and the work they do is by welcoming their feedback. This gesture allows employees to see that they are not just mere workers hired to do whatever the higher-ups tell them to do or that they are not in the company to work for you but with you. So hear them out, and you can even ask for their help to send a strong message that you value their opinion or expertise.

          A genuine ‘thank you’

            While a pat on the back may not be enough, sometimes, a genuine ‘thank you’ from a boss to team members can really do wonders. These kind words, which you can convey through a simple hand-written note or social media post, can show them just how much their contributions mean to the company. So reach out to them, be personal, and tell them you’re grateful for their help and hard work. Don’t forget to make it a habit.