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Going Beyond the Job Description: Professional business Makeup Artists

By Alyanna Silvestre
Published June 11, 2021

Some people find it hard to grasp the deeper meaning of what makeup does for most people, but some do get it. Among those who understand the stories underneath the curled lashes, the painted lips, and the brows on fleek is L'Oreal Paris' Chief Makeup Artist, Verna Marin.

Marin has made a name for herself in the flashy world of fashion and makeup. Her profession sometimes calls for long hours of standing over her professional makeup artist chair, but in her guesting in “Job Defined,” she takes a seat to make a point of what her profession entails and provide a glimpse behind the curtains of the extravagant world of makeup artistry.

Is makeup an art?

Echoing every makeup artists’ answer: yes, makeup is indeed an art.

A lot of people still view the use of makeup as an act of vanity, but according to Marin, makeup is not just a product but an art form. For them, the human body is their canvas and makeup is their medium. Whether it be conventional or traditional makeup, or through prosthetics or special effects, this medium is used by these professionals to create transformations and deliver aesthetically pleasing looks through their makeup expertise to achieve the client’s vision and make a crucial event in the client's life more memorable.

"On my chair sat not just the prettiest models, but I also have those who needed assistance to cover burn damages and flare-ups of psoriasis. I got to temporarily reconstruct faces hit with broken glass."

Verna Marin, Chief Makeup Artist of L'Oreal Paris

Three Non-negotiables

It’s common knowledge that makeup artists must have, using Marin’s words, the necessary “makeup skincare knowledge and a good grasp of makeup application techniques.” But beyond these two basic qualifications are three important factors that will help an aspiring makeup artist like you measure if this career is really the right one to pursue.

Eye for Detail

Extreme attention to detail is a must for any artist, especially for those who handle someone else's face.

Detail orientation allows a professional to become consistent and highly organized in his or her craft. In the world of fashion and makeup which basically is organized chaos, consistency and structure aid makeup artists to work on their magic with grace despite the pressure.

Moreover, if you think about it, being detail-oriented is not just about avoiding mistakes. It's actually about noticing your own mistake, owning up to it, and keeping that one bit in your mind to improve yourself the next time, which leads us to the next important thing in makeup artistry -- practice.

Learning and Unlearning

As they always say, practice makes perfect.

According to Marin, makeup evolves and there will always be something new to uncover and try out yourself. With this, a makeup artist must have the dedication and the patience to take lots of practice sharpening existing skills, unlearning bad habits, learning new makeup techniques, and staying current. So don't rush through the basics. Give yourself some time to practice on various faces, skin types, and skin tones, and play around with looks for different events and occasions. A lot of practice will help in swiftly identifying the appropriate makeup style and techniques to apply.

Unwavering Passion

This last part is pretty self-explanatory, but as explained beautifully by Marin, "If it's just for the fun of it, you will not be able to sustain what you do without the passion." And in the beauty industry, passionate people thrive. Like I said earlier, makeup artistry requires one to practice and be familiar with skin types, undertones, facial features, and a lot more. So if you love what you do, you’re more likely to be dedicated to learn the craft and do it with love. Additionally, clients will be eager to work with you.

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