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Going Beyond the Job Description: Property Brokers

By Alyanna Silvestre
Published May 15, 2021

There are a lot of common myths about the true nature of a property broker’s job, from the idea that they are mere commissioners in transactions to the belief that they will say anything to clients just to make the sale. While all misconceptions cannot be debunked all at once, Mikko Barranda, a licensed real estate broker and Director of Leechiu Property Consultants, brings out the realities that come with his job title as he shares his career journey that turned into years of self-defining moments on "Job Defined," a podcast dedicated to breaking different career misconceptions.

Less about hard-selling

Salespeople are more than just the sale they make but the relationships they build with clients.

According to Barranda, taking on the role of a property broker requires more than being purely sales-oriented. Contradicting beliefs, he explains that being an effective property broker is not just about winning a sale without much thought to the customer’s needs. In reality, this line of job entails probing and asking the right questions to gather the right amount of information needed to be able to recommend a property fit for the client’s needs, demands, and requirements.

While this strategy takes time to nurture and develop, having this relational kind of approach rather than a transactional one will ensure customer retention and repeat purchase. Building rapport with clients not only aids brokers to come up with the right property to offer but also helps them build a wide business network and a defined pool of customers, and even find solid friendships.

More about people skills

Discussing the skills needed to successfully navigate his line of career, Barranda highlighted the importance of strong people skills. This goes from paying clients full attention and reading body language to being a subject matter expert who’s genuinely curious.

A property broker’s day-to-day life involves meeting a lot of people. With this, it’s important for a broker to leave a strong first impression and be equipped with the ability to pitch his or her own self, including expertise in the industry, to appear credible and convince clients to do business. However, it’s important for a broker to not get carried away with the technicalities of his or her profession. There are a lot of acronyms and jargon in the real estate industry, and as a broker, it’s their responsibility to communicate necessary real estate-specific information to the client in the simplest possible manner to keep themselves and the clients on the same page.

Holistic product understanding

Product knowledge is an essential sales skill, and a broker must never show a property that they haven’t seen yet.

Brokers are not mere commissioners in property transactions. They understand that consumers deserve a professional that adds value, therefore a lot of effective and great property brokers go the extra mile to understand not just the needs of the clients but also the features, characteristics, and values of a property to accurately present its benefits in line with the client's vision.

Final thoughts

Property brokerage has its difficulties and brokers experience their fair share of challenges, but two things would greatly help one become better in this career based on Barranda's revelations: value-adding insights and people skills. So, using Barranda's words, "If you like to see that your work brings impact, and the information you provide raises value, then the job of being a broker is for you."

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