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The Critical Role of the Right Team of Professionals

Published May 26, 2021

There’s a common saying that goes like this: "If you want something done right, then you have to do it yourself." While this at times can be true for some businesses, we can’t and shouldn’t deny the fact that having a collaborative team of professionals can finish the work faster and, sometimes, even better. It's important to remember that hiring a candidate who seems to be perfect for your company does not equate to success. Each professional works differently, and not all the candidates you'll encounter can be team players. With this and the fact that employees are the very foundation of a high-performing and smooth-running business, you as an employer or manager must understand the needs of the company and the value of collaboration in the workplace to identify the top talent on your applicant pool and make hiring the right professionals easier and avoid bad hires altogether.

The Costs of a Bad Hire

If your employees don’t work well together, problems in the operations of your business may arise. Taking risks by hiring and training professionals who are not fit for the role you're filling in will most likely impact your company negatively in different ways, from team productivity to employee retention to your very own reputation.

Internal Relations

Hiring uncooperative professionals can take a huge toll on other employees as this affects the overall productivity of your people. Members of the company may be pushed to work harder and take more workload to make up for what the underperforming employee lacks. Some may lose trust in each other and the confidence to make healthy business risks can disappear. When this happens, the progress of your business operations slows down, and the risk of driving your best team members out the door and straight to the competition increases as employees become stressed and resentful.


When your employees are unhappy, they either do the bare minimum or quit all at once. And when they leave, it will greatly cost you resources.

First of all, replacing an employee will cost you approximately six to nine months of an employee's salary according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Second, aside from monetary disadvantages, employee turnover can also disrupt the remaining employees' momentum, morale, and timeline, putting your business at risk because as you struggle to find the right employee yet again, time is still running and your company may fall behind in terms of realizing your plans.


Aside from impacting employee productivity, hiring or maintaining underperforming staff can lead to sales loss and poor services, which makes your company’s reputation in the business community tainted and your capability to make the right decisions doubted.

The Pros of A Collaborative Team

A collaborative and cooperative team can take your business to greater heights. Better collaboration prevents employee burnout and boosts team morale as the delegation of responsibilities will be more efficient with tasks being assigned to those who are sure to reach set targets.

In addition to that, a well-coordinated team of professionals will find ways to complement each other’s abilities and knowledge despite their diverse skill sets to see the bigger picture and work on a common goal faster, which leads to increased profitability.

Save Time And Money By Hiring Correctly

With the cost and the hassle of making a bad hire, creating a dynamic team that works well with the different departments of your organization is crucial. However, more often than not, companies fail to realize that to have that perfect team, you have to start at the very beginning which is hiring the right professionals whose beliefs, morals, and values are aligned with those of your company. It may take more time than you originally thought, but hiring the right professionals to keep will be worth it in the long run.

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